Pizz-servere in the New Year

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other” – Walter Elliot

When it’s -10° outside everything seems more difficult.  It’s harder to crawl out of bed, harder to get motivated and even harder to order a pizza, with higher volumes of people ordering for delivery. With a couple months of seasonal depression looming, we all have times when we simply don’t feel like doing anything.  In these moments when we are losing our passion, it’s more important than ever to persevere.

Fortunately, it’s always easy to eat pizza, and a cozy New Years Eve bash has me reflecting on small, simple daily wins we can give ourselves to endure and see our commitments through.

Emil’s Pepperoni

Enduring the cold with Emil’s.

This New Years Eve with a bitter cold outside and the thought of staying out late partying looking bleak, Tess and I opted to watch the ball drop with a couple friends and some frozen pizzas. Emil’s frozen pizzas that is (my friends have long debated the correct pronunciation of Emil’s, with some claiming an emphasis on the E, like E mills (Kane I’m looking at you) or on the Em, like Em ills or even Em eals).

As midnight approached we were accompanied by one of our favorite couples Steve and Rachel.  We shared some laughs as we picked slices from a three course round of frozens and played “Heads Up!” on Tess’s phone.  Steve and Rachel know my passion for pizza well, and in anticipation of our little New Years celebration provided the pizzas (thank you Steve and Rachel, excellent selections and execution).  That night they also introduced me to Urban Pie Brady Street Eight Cheeses and Creamy Garlic Alfredo Sauce pizza, but that earns its own post later on.

I’m a big fan of Emil’s not just because my Great Grandfather shared the same name, but because they are native to Watertown, WI and are delicious.  Emil’s are typically served-up out of those old-school boxy metal pizza ovens in taverns and bowling alleys all across Wisconsin.  They bake great at home too and are found in many freezer sections.  Emil’s is always a solid choice loaded with a unique mozzarella/colby cheese blend and a thin yet flaky crust.


Emil’s was my New Years Eve inspiration.  

Just as it can be increasingly difficult to muster the energy for a night of partying on New Years Eve in the cold, sometimes commitments in our life can feel equally as taxing. Even though I have an insatiable appetite for pizza, some days I just don’t feel like taking pictures of pizza or writing about it and I just want to eat it in peace.

When I start to feel like hibernating I know that if I just take bite size chunks out of my endeavors everyday I will feel accomplished.  That’s the magic of perseverance; we can break up tasks into small, manageable portions.  “Winning the daily private victory” was what Stephen R. Covey the best selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said. If we see our passions through we will have an internal pride and contentment within ourselves.

Here are some reminders I gave myself to get off my butt and write this blog (applicable to any situation where you need to get off your butt).

  1. Aim for small wins to build momentum. By continually chipping away at our goals we slowly but surely create a snowball effect and end up where we want to be. Our efforts compound.
  2. Visualize the big picture.  Imagine how great you will feel when you stick to your guns and get stuff done.  The end victory is more rewarding than any instant gratification.
  3. Remember a sense of purpose.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the “why?” in why we do what we do.  For me, writing this blog is about the daily practice of honing my skills with writing, challenging my creative thinking and problem solving. Committing to this discipline is fulfilling to me, so I just have to remember that “why”.

What pizza taught me:

Our perseverance is rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. We can find warmth in knowing  we didn’t stray from our path in the glum winter days and that pizza delivery times will only get shorter.

What I’m eating:  Emil’s pepperoni and Emil’s sausage & mushroom pizzas

What I’m reading: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -Stephen R. Covey


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